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TrainCraft.cz | Rules

General rules

  1. Ignorance of rules isn't excused
  2. Server subjects to the laws of the Czech Republic or the country, where you are playing.
  3. Rules and penalties have the same weights for everyone.
  4. You can't avoid penalties.
  5. Admins can edit or expand rules without notification.
  6. You can't load chunks with other minecraft account.
  7. We have enabled warez accounts. If you have unoriginal account and someone has original account with the same name as you have, original account has rights to have your name instead of you. You have to change your nickname.

Rules for building

  1. Mining world, nether and end are for mining and we periodically delete them. We punish all mining or woodcuting in the ordinary world for playing.
  2. In overworld you can only mine to create place for building.
  3. Griefing is forbidden even for structures outside the residence.
  4. We use residences to protect our buildings (More information are in /pomoc).
  5. We don't use tools or bugs, which inteference fair game (e.g bugs, hacks, X-ray, flyhack, speedhack, transparent textures, antiafk, redstone repeaters etc.) We report bugs to admins on discord for immediate solution.
  6. We don't give things from creative gamemode, if it's not a reward (e.g for bug reports or support).
  7. We dont't build structures, which cause lags on the server and are nasty for other players (e.g lavitating buildings, buildings from glowing blocks) that buildings will be edited by admins.
  8. We keep nature in the original state to keep less map corruption (e.g we don't build 1x1 pillars and we cut whole trees of) . We inteference to the nature for building purpose.

Communication rules

  1. We don't communicate inappropriately and don't offend other players or admins.
  2. We don't put not allowed ads on the server or discord (commercial products, YouTube or Facebook accounts)
  3. We communicate with administrators with our nickname.


On our server are primarly transport railways. Main train depot is in Spawncity. Railways connect some important places and players's homes

  1. We use only tracks from Traincraft. Other tracks are not compatible with trains.
  2. We try to build nice railways to it can represent our server.
  3. We mark places, where you have to slow down. The reason is limitation of train decoupling and better comfort.
  4. We prefer the most straight railways. In the case of rising we use constant rising and not with unnecessary discontinuing.
  5. Trains need 3×3 area around. We prepare our structures for that rule.
  6. The player should return the private switches to their original position
  7. We build signs which depends on detectors at maximum 7 chunks away (server's render distance)
  8. Damaging or changing signs are punished, on spawn immediately.
  9. We don't build railway stations 200 blocks out of the railway.
  10. Documentation for railway marking is here